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The RICH LIFE (Reducing Inequities in Care of Hypertension: Lifestyle Improvement for Everyone) Project is an ongoing cluster randomized trial that began in 2015; it is dedicated to exploring new approaches to high blood pressure and heart disease management among ethnic minority, low-income, and rural populations. The RICH LIFE study compares current clinic-based methods for monitoring, and treating these diseases with a more community-based approach that considers the larger social context the patient is a part of (e.g. their ethnicity, economic status, and place of residence). 


The RICH LIFE project explores the potential benefits of providing patients with access to counseling, community-based health workers, and other customized interventions beyond those typically found in purely clinical approaches to disease management. 1,822 participants have been recruited from thirty primary care clinics across Maryland and Pennsylvania. To learn more about the RICH-LIFE project, click here.

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting all facets of health and life, a COVID-19 specific module was added to the RICH LIFE questionnaire: 


These questions will examine reported COVID-19 illness status, exposure to COVID-19 through work or household contacts, and household and child-related characteristics and outcomes. They will also explore COVID-19 specific demographic, family composition, co-morbidities and care engagement, mental health, access to COVID-19 screening and testing modules, household food insecurity, household socioeconomic status, public benefit receipt and utilization prior to COVID-19 pandemic and since pandemic response began, family and caregiver/parental stress and family tension, and a detailed questions for primary caregivers of children.

Check out RICH-LIFE's webinars by clicking on the button to the right. 

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