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Webinar: National Pandemic Pulse Round 1

The Pandemic Pulse team just shared preliminary results from the first round of surveys in this very exciting webinar! Results were presented around COVID-19 risk perceptions, vaccine beliefs and attitudes, attitudes towards school reopening and school safety, stigma and agency, pregnancy, impact on higher education, and the care and test cascading. Our team of presenters included: Dr. Alain Labrique (Professor), Dr. Dustin Gibson (Assistant Scientist), Dr. Smisha Agarwal (Assistant Professor), Dr. Daniel Erchick (Assistant Scientist), Jeffrey Edwards (Research Scholar), Alex Zapf (Research Scientist) and Ankita Meghani (Research Scientist).

If you're interested in watching a specific discussion or presentation, I've shared the timestamps for each section below.


Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic (00:04:18) Presented by Dr. Alain Labrique

Overview and Methodology of Pandemic Pulse (00:07:54) Presented by Dr. Dustin Gibson


Risk Perceptions during the COVID-19 Pandemic (00:14:02) Presented by Dr. Daniel Erchick

Pregnancy and COVID-19 (00:22:31) Presented by Dr. Smisha Agarwal

Care and Testing Cascade by Race (00:28:41) Presented by Jeffrey Edwards

Vaccine Attitudes and Beliefs (00:34:43) Presented by Dr. Dustin Gibson

Parents' Perceptions about School Reopening and School Safety (00:41:50) Presented by Ankita Meghani

Impact on Higher Education (00:49:28) Presented by Jeffrey Edwards

Stigma and Agency (00:54:03) Presented by Alex Zapf


Implications and Policy Response (01:03:58) Presented by Drs. Alain Labrique and Smisha Agarwal

Thank you to the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health for hosting this special edition COVID-19 seminar. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or ask here.

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